November 22nd .2015, I Jeffrey kemper,will take any off or lie detector test proving that my case is true and submitting all evidence of my father's irrevocable trust Walter H kemper, with my permission I acknowledge all tweets on the internet on Twitter I am requesting Jamie Louis kurtzer,to return all funds Money of the trust immediately contact information to avoid any prosecution 520 304 -4560 Jeffrey kemper11-22- 2015

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1353881

Update America we received a letter from President Barack Obama today July 24th 2017 about our story The Walter h Kemper irrevocable trust Millions stolen by an attorney also contacted by another victim Mister Jason America versus been a long battle thank you so much for your prayers as they're being answered every day God bless you will come up with more incredible evidence soon


First heard of your story on CNN. This is so tragic! Prayers to you and your family.


Saw Your Story.... ON TV Some people are just GOING TO Learn The Hard Way, They Need To Put Him In Jail Soon... Try to be Strong Mr.Kemper Photo evidence this is a shame try to Have a nice Christmas


This Attorney Jamie Kurtzer,is that evidence that looks like the attorney's name. Why haven't they arrested him yet

to Anonymous Tucson, Arizona, United States #1159142

Update May 15th 2016, Millions Stolen, From the Walter H Kemper...IrrevocableTrust..dated May 19th 1995 living trust Anniversary coming up soon....I have reached out to the United States Supreme Court I have reached out to United States Attorney General's office I have reached out to the FBI I have reached out to up running President 's Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton,the offices of John Kasich,of Ohio,CBS News,and the amazing Nancy Grace you are mentioned in a letter from this AttorneyJamie Louis kurtzer....Millions has been stolen from my family trust that had been created by this attorney Jamie Louis kurtzer Seeking Justice America waiting for interviews in the future .I am the legacy of Cincinnati Ohio I am Jeffrey Kemper Seeking Justice America...The legacy of the Kemper log home located at the Heritage Village Museum.com....this will be 16 years of pain and suffering America President Obama the staff of United States of America Attention..elderly victims Walter Kemper Elizabeth Kemper Jeffrey Kemper James Kemper......I truly believe a miracle all of us have parents and I am seeking Justice just think of this if it were your parents your family contact information 520-304-4560 Face the Nation newscasters Charlie Rose Gayle King Oprah Winfrey please look into our story may God bless America sincerely Jeffrey Kemper United States citizen,I'm asking America for help.....President Obama I am asking you...the amazing Nancy Grace for help have all the documents and evidence...

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to Jeffrey Kemper #1354504

Update July 2017 received a letter from Barack Obama's office it took one year at 8 months for him to get back to us but America he did reach out to us thank you President Barack Obama for supporting our story the legacy of our family the Kemper log home located at Sharon Woods Village and also my story about my family the Walter H Kemper irrevocable trust This is Amazing Grace

to Anonymous #1354505

Also on the same exact day as receiver the letter was contacted by a victim that has been taken by the same attorney that we have been dealing with same exact story our story started in 2002 and sadly this attorney still doing the same thing they've been actively seeking trying to get their money... since 2014 let's see America that the Lord is good this divine intervention only came by the gracious hands of God Justice for the Walter H Kemper irrevocable trust and other victims out there we're praying for you too

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